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Blade of The Morning Star

The greatest creation God had made was mankind. The greatest gift he gave them was free will. Free will gave mankind the ability to choose. The ability to choose what is right by God’s standards or not.

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Phu Ngo

Phu D. Ngo is a born-again, Vietnamese Christian. He is also a black belt Hall of Fame martial artist and teacher for the better part of 30 years. His understanding of both the Eastern and Western philosophies of life helped him see the world in a unique lifestyle. His love for God and martial arts helped inspire him to write Blade of the Morning Star.

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Phu Ngo’s Chapters

Table of contents



The Mongol Emperor Genghis Khan perched

atop his throne fashioned out of human skulls.



Located somewhere in the far west southeast of China,

the Abbott in the Shaolin Monastery,



The morning was warm, cool, and peaceful,

albeit a bit foreboding. The sun brought life…



Over three hundred years have passed since

Ma Tei and his fellow brothers secretly moved…



Years have passed since Shu and Michael began

their search for the unknown legendary blade.



As Shu watched his son collapse, fear gripped his heart.

He could feel the heat leave…



Standing high up on a mountain alone,

Chang took a slow, deep breath, absorbing all the energy…

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Blade of The Morning Star

Blade of the Morning Star is a story about a heavenly blade that enters into man’s world. The symmetrically broken blade has the power of God when united again. Man’s search to obtain this power throughout history leads to the final battle between two good friends to decide man’s fate to favor Satan’s fury to destroy man or God’s faith in the goodness of man to prevail.

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Blade of The Morning Star


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