Meet author

Phu Ngo

Phu D. Ngo is a born-again, Vietnamese Christian. He is also a black belt Hall of Fame martial artist and teacher for the better part of 30 years. His understanding of both the Eastern and Western philosophies of life helped him see the world in a unique lifestyle. His love for God and martial arts helped inspire him to write Blade of the Morning Star.

His passion for martial arts helped him create the Ngo Dac Na System and he is the face and representative for an online teaching site. He also has a large following on his YouTube channel, Entertaichi. His creative thinking and expression helped him to come up with unique acronyms and rhyming principles found only in the Ngo Dac Na system. His approach to teaching, breaking down energy, and biomechanics in great detail and expressing it in a very simplistic understanding became a big part of his ability to write in the same manner of detail and approach.

Blade of the Morning Star was influenced by his upbringing and personal experience of respect, hope, love, and faith to show what human beings are capable of and can become while also recognizing that they can be their worst enemies. It is this conflict in everyone’s life that we can relate to in this book about everyone’s journey to becoming their greatest potential and sadly, also can be our ultimate failure.