Blade of The Morning Star

The greatest creation God had made was mankind. The greatest gift he gave them was free will. Free will gave mankind the ability to choose. The ability to choose what is right by God’s standards or not. This choice allowed for man to make decisions of right and wrong. Every choice has its consequences, whether good or bad. No man can be forced to make any decisions outside his/her will. But man can be easily influenced by the things around him, the voices in our heads, and the feelings in our hearts.

This eye-opening masterpiece explicitly supports the idea that choosing the right path and giving into sinful temptations is placed entirely in man’s hands. The author sheds light on how people are quick to blame the devil for all their wrongdoings, but ultimately, we are accountable for our own decisions, actions, or inactions. It is us who have the choice to be good or evil, to conquer or to serve, be a hero or a villain, to help or to hurt, to value life or seek death.

In the book Blade of the Morning Star, the author, Phu Ngo, talks about a heavenly blade entering a man’s world and the power that it brings. The author, in this book, has incredibly presented what man can do with that power for the greater good or man’s destruction. What would influence man to make such a choice? Our greatest enemy, the devil, roams around the earth, looking for such a champion who would choose the latter to destroy us. As the readers delve deeper into the book, they will learn how incredibly the author has presented the fact that we are in the middle of a battlefield. Would we choose to give in to an ancient foe influencing man to wreak death, havoc, and destruction or make the choice of God’s faith in man that he would choose life, righteousness, and justice?

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Blade of The Morning Star

Blade of the Morning Star is a story about a heavenly blade that enters into man’s world. The symmetrically broken blade has the power of God when united again. Man’s search to obtain this power throughout history leads to the final battle between two good friends to decide man’s fate to favor Satan’s fury to destroy man or God’s faith in the goodness of man to prevail.

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